Holding Space Coach and Facilitator

I am also a Holding Space Coach and Facilitator . I have completed this incredible journey with the wonderful Heather Plett. I feel that in my work, it is important to listen and honour my clients’ space and journey. Being well-versed and knowledgeable in this discipline assists me in helping you become a stronger individualContinue reading “Holding Space Coach and Facilitator”

On the Difficult Art of Walking Away …

I had the weirdest night. It was the one where you’re sleeping, but your mind and heart work a mile a minute. You wake up changed, or knowing, that you have TO change. When I feel asleep, I was immediately transported to Dreamland, with one of my most trusted Guides. I entered a room withContinue reading “On the Difficult Art of Walking Away …”

It’s Time for your Daily Mind and Body ‘tune-up’

This morning, I will keep it short and sweet. ( it RARELY happens ! ) I simply want to share a few secrets that I have discovered and am exploring. They are simple, miraculous and anybody can do them, at any time, anywhere. The first one consists of ‘tapping‘. Add it to your daily morningContinue reading “It’s Time for your Daily Mind and Body ‘tune-up’”