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About the Human Race

Today I share with you a passage from my book The Old Man on the Bench: A Beautiful Day. The World is broken – but we have it within ourselves to ‘fix ‘ it. ABOUT THE HUMAN RACE I woke up early. The truth is, I didn’t have to wake up too much – because I was on the verge of sleep – if there is such a thing. My mind worked overtime and what complicated matters, as a sensitive person, is that I was somewhat able to capture a lot of images and sentiment linked to specific events which … Continue reading About the Human Race

Lessons from My old man on the bench

I’m not sure how to start this one. Truth is, I’m wobbling right now, as so many of us are in the World. There is uncertainty. Fear. Not knowing where we’re going or if we’re ever going to get ‘there’. ‘This’ has become the ‘new’ normal – they say – and although I may seem like I have things under control – rest assured that I too have my moment of Falling Apart. I’m not very different from where you are right now in your own minds . We all have a set of reality which varies – yet is … Continue reading Lessons from My old man on the bench