Sweet Potato and Fried Gizzards Soup

I’ve recently started following a more ‘Paleo’ lifestyle to tame my fibromyalgia symptoms. Today, I was in the mood for soup and so I came up with this incredibly flavourful and tasty recipe. Here’s how to make it ( sort of ). You’ll need: Sweet Potatoes chopped in pieces Zucchini Noodles Pre-cooked Chicken Gizzards ChickenContinue reading “Sweet Potato and Fried Gizzards Soup”

It’s Time for your Daily Mind and Body ‘tune-up’

This morning, I will keep it short and sweet. ( it RARELY happens ! ) I simply want to share a few secrets that I have discovered and am exploring. They are simple, miraculous and anybody can do them, at any time, anywhere. The first one consists of ‘tapping‘. Add it to your daily morningContinue reading “It’s Time for your Daily Mind and Body ‘tune-up’”