I am 50 years old: FINALLY !

On May 29th, I turned 50. Finally. I’ve decided that the next 50 years of my existence will be dedicated to accomplishing things that I like and that ignite passion within my soul . I also hope that by sharing my experiences with others, I will inspire them to try something new, to accept theirContinue reading “I am 50 years old: FINALLY !”

Holding Space Coach and Facilitator

I am also a Holding Space Coach and Facilitator . I have completed this incredible journey with the wonderful Heather Plett. I feel that in my work, it is important to listen and honour my clients’ space and journey. Being well-versed and knowledgeable in this discipline assists me in helping you become a stronger individualContinue reading “Holding Space Coach and Facilitator”

On the Difficult Art of Walking Away …

I had the weirdest night. It was the one where you’re sleeping, but your mind and heart work a mile a minute. You wake up changed, or knowing, that you have TO change. When I feel asleep, I was immediately transported to Dreamland, with one of my most trusted Guides. I entered a room withContinue reading “On the Difficult Art of Walking Away …”