On Saying Thank You to 2020

They’re here, marking their spaces on various social media platforms. The ‘Memes’ that read: Fk you 2020. Bye-bye 2020 – Worst year ever etc.  You know what I’m talking about. As more and more people embark on that ‘omg what a dumb year’ train, I’m choosing to pause for a few seconds to actually thank DameContinue reading “On Saying Thank You to 2020”

Conversation with Myself – About Christmas 2020 …

As I always do on Sunday mornings, I watered my plants when suddenly, I smelled my Mother’s familiar scent. A Mom has that scent – one that we can perceive even in the darkest of rooms. When we’re young, we snuggle up to it as we receive hugs. When we need that familiar touch whenContinue reading “Conversation with Myself – About Christmas 2020 …”

Conversation with Myself #10

It’s December today. The frigid, cold wind blows upon my face, and it reflects exactly how I am feeling at this very moment. I feel frozen in time. This morning, I looked in the mirror, and of course, I didn’t recognize myself. I’ve aged lately – and the glow from my eyes seems to haveContinue reading “Conversation with Myself #10”