The Lady by the River


I sit by my window and ponder Life. The Sun is beginning his daily dance, and I wonder what treasures wait to be discovered today. It’s funny, really. How we sometimes perceive what a ‘treasure’ is … I wanted to write more about this but I have so much more to discover about privilege, situation, circumstances and timing. I know that many answers are still asleep, within me – within my heart. If we collectively find positive strength, and adopt a move forward attitude, who knows what we can achieve and how many lives we can affect by this effect...

I’m slowly waking up. I’ve been hibernating for lifetimes, it seems. Dame Universe has granted me the gift of many treasures. They show up through people and moments, through circumstances and opportunities – and yet, I am slowly, only now, waking up. I have this desire to be – to become – but also to accept , forgive and to begin again. In a World plagued with obligations and often warped perceptions, it’s hard to find your way. There are many voices to listen – too many at times. They deafen my senses and blind my visions. They discourage our will to grow. They feed our fears and applaud when we hurt our neighbours. It’s time to listen. To still our minds and bodies, and to be a growing force around us to help those who need it most. I am paying attention, taking notes, and slowly getting back into the dance.

This Spring, I will once again be offering opportunities for online meetings and conversations with my A-Team. They will be deep moments of inner perceptions, fuelled by curiosity, authenticity and courage. I’ll be here, sharing what perceptions arise. It won’t come with bells or whistles, promises or expectations. And it won’t come with a cost.

For the next few months, I (we ) ask that the readings and conversations provided be honoured by an act of kindness from our clients. A sort of Pay it Forward – as we understand it most. There will be times when I ask a specific act of contribution towards a cause or organization, and at other times, it will be an honourable act of your own choosing. We’ll listen to the A-Team and together, we’ll help change lives around us because when we do so, our inner lives also begin to transform. Our hearts grow bigger, our Soul becomes stronger and our collective positive vibrations begin to rise. We all need love – we all need TO love and to BE loved . I think it’s a great place to begin . Again.

Message me to reserve your meeting . They will be available in May . We can’t wait to sit with you.

Anne and the A-Team

One thought on “The Lady by the River

  1. I like that you are motivated and are pursuing a kindness to allow everyone to feel love. We all need love and more and more people are so deprived of it. Your goals of pursuing this, remind me of a book that I love and respect. It is the oldest inspired writing ever written. The most profound of all verses for me simply states ” You must love your Father with your whole heart, mind and soul…and you must love your neighbor like yourself. …On these two commandments, the whole law hangs. ”(Matthew 27:37-40) It is a perfect law that I try and honour each day. I have no doubt that you will make a difference in the lives of others. You inspire.


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