Sweet Potato and Fried Gizzards Soup

I’ve recently started following a more ‘Paleo’ lifestyle to tame my fibromyalgia symptoms. Today, I was in the mood for soup and so I came up with this incredibly flavourful and tasty recipe. Here’s how to make it ( sort of ). You’ll need: Sweet Potatoes chopped in pieces Zucchini Noodles Pre-cooked Chicken Gizzards Chicken Broth Bone broth powder Turmeric paste Garlic paste Mrs Dash ( or other type of seasoning mix ) Sea Salt Pepper Nutritional Yeast Duck Fat Plain Coconut Yogourt Handful of chopped pecans 1 – Chop pre-cooked chicken gizzards 2 – Add Duck Fat ( or … Continue reading Sweet Potato and Fried Gizzards Soup

The Lady by the River

I sit by my window and ponder Life. The Sun is beginning his daily dance, and I wonder what treasures wait to be discovered today. It’s funny, really. How we sometimes perceive what a ‘treasure’ is … I wanted to write more about this but I have so much more to discover about privilege, situation, circumstances and timing. I know that many answers are still asleep, within me – within my heart. If we collectively find positive strength, and adopt a move forward attitude, who knows what we can achieve and how many lives we can affect by this effect… … Continue reading The Lady by the River