Conversation with Myself


Conversation with myself #8

It’s going to be a tough week on many levels. The one human being who has taught me so much about life and non-verbal communication is moving away to another town and another school. She will be missed dearly as She brings so much love and energy to our learning circle. All who meet this young woman fall in love with Her – and yearn to know more about Her. She’s an enigma – one that conquers your heart when you least expect Her to do so. She has taught me how to be patient, to be still – how to listen and how to expect more of Her and of myself. It kills me to know that She’s leaving – but in my heart, I know it’s time -She’s moving on because it’s time for me to move into new adventures and to explore new grounds, without Her.

Confession: when I first met this student, I asked Dame Universe to reorganize my teaching assignment so that I may have the honour work with Her, but importantly , to LEARN from Her . I was broken in my career and needed help to fix myself or I would likely quit. She prevailed and here we are. The time was shortened because of COVID but the lessons will be anchored in my heart and soul forever. Whatever academics we managed to teach Her are irrelevant. The human heart is what mattered and what fostered this immense respect and soul friendship I was able to create with Her.

I wish more people had a ‘Her’ in their lives. We need to be quiet, to lower our political aspirations and mundane expectations , and just allow ourselves to make friends with individuals who have impact and strength to share and to receive. We need to understand that non-verbal is a ridiculous way to say: so much to say in a different way – just show up , be still – and listen.

I’m okay. I’m crying right now – but I’m so blessed to have had the chance to live so many happy moments with ‘Her’. She will be missed but she continues Her journey to touch other human souls who, just like me, need to be reminded about the plight of the human soul.

Onward , I’ll miss you and will forever hold you in my heart. (but that’s a Friday afternoon discussion ).

Have a great day ! ❤️

( Feel free to share with people who may need to read this. )

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