About Charlie …

It happens when you least expect it : something catches your eye – captures your heart and tugs at your soul. That’s exactly what happened this morning when I checked my social media and I saw this image appear before my eyes. Little Charlie, age 6 , battling Brain Cancer. From Canada, having to travel to the United States ( he leaves on Thursday ), where , accompanied by his family, he will face 8 weeks of treatments. It seems incredibly unfair that this beautiful child is faced with such a challenge – and yet, here he is. I can’t believe how gorgeous he is – his eyes are alive and full of vigour – almost to remind us that he has the will to fight this – a moment at a time … His story touched me , inspired me and shook me to my core. It was time to think of something to also help … He is the son of one of my friend and colleague’s cousin – it touches home : it’s all too close.

I turned to my team of Guides. If you know of me, you know how I have an Intuitive Team – the A-Team – who helps me focus on important matters. Today, every member came through and inspired me to put together a little fundraising event: a virtual online evening with the A-Team and I. It’s easy: you donate 25 dollars to the GoFund Me page ( link at bottom of this message ), you let me know that you have and I enter your name on the participant list. On the evening of the event, I will ‘let you in’ the room and we’ll talk. Share energy. Messages of hope. All for Charlie. Every little bit helps – but most importantly: your ENERGY will help as we will gather together and send him healing light. I truly hope that you will consider joining us.

Why? Why Anne do you do things like this all the time ? I’ve been asked that question a few times in recent weeks. I decided to shave my husband’s head and collected funds for the Foodbank. I walked a half-marathon and collected funds for Community Living. Now I hope to assemble a group – and to donate an amount to a family who needs hope, light and reassurance that things will work out. I do it because growing up, I wanted to change the World. I wanted to make a difference and help everybody who needed it. I did the best that I could, at that time, in various situations. I have failed, many times, and people have always held my heart and helped me to get back on my feet. It’s my turn, still today, to pay it forward. One person at a time – one cause at a time. It’s not much – but it’s something – and it heals my heart to know that I may be making a difference.

Will you join me ? Will you help me change and heal the World – one person at a time ? Will you help me educate others about tolerance, acceptance and unconditional love ? Will you help me make a small difference in someone’s day ? Will you help me make someone smile, if only for a moment ? I thank you in advance. Your heart and soul will thank you … and slowly but surely, the World will grow happier and more full of light because of one little gesture – yours.

Have a good day !

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