Planning a Live Event for CHARLIE

This morning, I am putting this out there to gather some community input.

A family close to one of my colleagues is going through a tough journey, and requires assistance. A GoFund me page has been set up … and I was hoping to help the best way that I can: with intuitive readings.I was shown by my A-Team a ‘virtual LIVE event’, on Zoom or another platform … where I would ‘host’ 100 people. There would be music, messages, insights, a circle of energy etc …

To participate, I would charge an ‘admission’ fee and would then donate the amount to the family for medical expenses.

** Please note that not everyone will receive an individual ‘reading’ or ‘message’ … and that it is for ‘entertainment’ purposes only – as I am not a medical professional. 😉

Does that resonate with you ? Would you participate in such an event ? If so, please comment below. I would charge 35 dollars for the event and it would likely last 2 hours. I would hold the event in the evening so that MORE of you can join us .

Thank you for commenting below. I will also insert in the comments the story of the little guy and his family.Hope to hear from you soon – as I plan on organizing it if there is interest. Love always, Anne and the A-Team ❤️


Anne xo

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