I am 50 years old: FINALLY !

On May 29th, I turned 50. Finally. I’ve decided that the next 50 years of my existence will be dedicated to accomplishing things that I like and that ignite passion within my soul . I also hope that by sharing my experiences with others, I will inspire them to try something new, to accept their reality and to better themselves also – not because there is something ‘wrong’ with them, but because you get to live ONE life. The simple truth is that I believe that we are all on a journey. Some of us have become lost over the years. Life happens, as they say. It’s true: so very true indeed but when faced with challenges and adversity, we are left to make decisions: sink or swim. I learned HOW to swim.

I sank to the bottom many times over the years. I hit the ground. I fell apart in a million different pieces. For some reason, I was blessed to find mentors and ideas along the way that helped me heal from within. I’m still working on it but I can honestly say that for the first time in my Life, I feel clarity. I feel energy. I know that I’m okay. I’ve chosen to do : me – how I need to and how I want to. Many won’t like the new ‘version’ of me. I’m a little more direct. I say no to things that no longer serve me or interest me. I am more passionate about certain subjects and I won’t let others tell me what to think or not to think. It’s different, for sure. But it’s time. I’ve visited my liminal space numerous times. I know what needs to go. I choose what gets to stay. I am taking a deep breath. I am smiling. I am slowly transforming and finding my wings.

I hope you’ll join me and find your own inspiration. It’s time to find your voice. I’m finding mine – and I still have a lot to say.

Life Happens.

One thought on “I am 50 years old: FINALLY !

  1. I am happy to know that you are back. I do have to agree. Fifty was also my turning point…where I just knew that I had served everyone else…and now, it was high time that I found time for me…and do what I brought me great joy. I spoke with everyone kindly, but I also have come to learn more about myself. I like my own company. I do not feel lonely when I am alone. I have time to reflect…and plan and do the things that I always pushed aside beforehand, when someone’s needs were above my own. I do not feel selfish, because I do care about others…but I respect myself sufficiently, that I do not have to come last anymore. I am truly grateful that you are back…and sharing. Thank you for this one.

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