The Parisian Chronicles

Volume un Numéro trois

I came to Paris for many reasons. It’s my first time alone away from home for a long period of time … and so far away. I’m enjoying every moment of the experience. I’m not doing anything remotely touristic : been there and seen them. I’m sticking to the little arrondissements around my homebase and speaking to people in it. Already I’ve made connections and even on my second day yesterday, some said: Bonjour to me. I smiled. There is comfort in routine and familiarity and I am establishing both.

I just woke up – a little past 10:30 …. as I fell asleep at 3:30 am. I am probably not used to the time change, nor will I need to be since I am traveling alone wih no agenda. The café which serves my delicious vegan café au lait opens only at noon and so there is plenty of time to rest and take my sweet time. The goal is to rest and recuperate from the adventures of the past few years. Our incredibly blessed existence has been coloured with moments which were traumatic and devastating . Time and love has healed us and as I sit here, I realize how incredible our immediate family unit has become and again, I smile and am so grateful for the four people I love more than life … But enough about that ….

Not that it is complicated, but I am really proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone. This is very uncharacteristic of me and over the past few months, I ve evolved. Everyday I opt to do something which is outside my comfort zone and truth be told, it feels incredible. This trip to Paris is somewhat the coronation of the efforts I have been making .

So what is the plan for the next twelve days? There is no plan … and that is exactly what I love. I wake up when I am rested. I fall asleep when I need to. I eat if I am hungry. A small routine seems to be establishing itself and I can fully function as such. I’m creating moments which make me smile and which would probably seem very mundane to most but it doesn’t matter. The truth of the matter is that I am here to spend time with myself and my thoughts and so far, I am liking my own company.

So far, I ve discovered a vegan café which make incredible gnocchis and latte. I’ve made it inside the most prestigious Coco Chanel vintage store of Paris with prmission to take a picture of the shop keeper and the inside of the store. I’ve struck conversations with Parisian women who ended up, after chatting for almost an hour, showing me pictures of their recent vacations and of their dogs. They’ve allowed me to peak inside their lives and moments and I am cherishing every bit of it. When I arrived on Tuesday, I was greeted by Lydia, a beautiful lady we had met two years ago when I had come with my soul sister. She dropped everything and we hugged and caught up on life. She, as so many others at this time of year, leaves on Friday pour les vacances. She is going to Spain for 10 days in a little house they rented by the sea. It’s eleven hours in a car to get there …. but I reminded her that it doesn’t matter because it’s not work. She laughed. She also upgraded my room for free: son cadeau.

Since I am here researching also for my novel, I am colllecting information of things which may interest my main character, Danielle Maynard. I am making journal entries and adding to my business cards collection. I have adopted the tradition of reading the fench newspaper Le Figaro to keep current with their local views of politics and to, of course, learn new french words. The language here is fluid and beautiful, and I am enjoying everything about being able to speak it with individuals who make me raise my standards. If you want respect here, you must give it and act accordingly. So far, so good.

I’ve also read my first full book titled Waking up in Paris by Sonia Choquette. Maybe I’ll run into her …. Today I will likely finish reading A Moveable Feast by Hemingway. I’ve stored the television remote : i keep current with the paper and by surfing the internet.

Last night, I saw my guys via video. The wifi connection at the hotel is excellent and so I spent 15 minutes catching up ‘in person’. Even though we are an ocean apart, technology permits me to stay close to my loved ones … and for that I am grateful.

Day three will bring new moments. After I shower and get dressed, it’s off to eat and walk around. Nothing serious … just new delicious moments to absorb, remember and to write about.

Paris was indeed, a very very good idea.

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