The Parisian Chronicles

Volume 1 Number 2

As I’m writing this – I am in a somewhat actual state of awe that I am actually ( or almost ) ready to leave for this adventure. My friends in my metaphysical realms would perhaps equate this to a ‘quest’, where one leaves and finds herself alone vs the elements and discovers parts of herself which had long been buried within her inner heart. Of course, I’m not going to be stuck in nature without any food … I am, after all, traveling to a place that sees millions of tourists a year. I’ve opted to change my accommodations to a small quaint hotel where I stayed last time with my friend, and I’m pretty confident that I’ll be able to eat and be comfortable on my own for 2 weeks.

If you’ve read the previous instalment of the Chronicles, you know that I started writing my novel in 2012 and that the main character travels to Paris in December to heal her broken heart … Perhaps I should mention that this is somewhat of an auto-fiction – based on life events which could or have ‘kind of’ shown up so far in my own ‘seems ordinary’ journey. While we differ in many ways, Dre Danielle Maynard (her name) and I are very much the same. We seem to think the same. We have the same values and certain elements seem to commonly catch our time and attention. As I sit back and explore her mind and adventures, I’m fascinated by her bravery, her candour, her sense of humour and her ability to move forward at times in her life which would see any of us falter to our knees. Yes – I know – it’s only an ‘imaginary’ person – yet I can’t help but notice and wonder if at times, as she goes through her own existence, she feels the same awe to be on this incredible life-path …

Perhaps, deep down, I am that character. I certainly seem to observe how she flawlessly moves through her obstacles, making friends and staving off enemies. World-renowned in her field, she dominates huge forums through her addresses and her writings: where she goes, people seem to follow her work and grant her the respect which she deserves. However, it is her inner heart and soul which totally captivate my attention. As we all do , Maynard has layers to her which cannot be comprehended in a mere moment, in a few simple meetings. This person holds within her memories and realities of a past coloured with adventure, emotion and yes, love and heartbreak. As she traveled to Paris on her own quest, she discovered certain paintings and areas which captured her attention – but as I read about her passages to Paris ( after writing about it … ), I was left curious and frustrated. Though Danielle ( main character ) grazed the important facts and witnessed a few key moments to her own story, it’s a though she looked at me and pleaded with me to explore the missing details. And so, for her, for my avid-to-readers and of course, for myself, I am obliging her. I perhaps will not go everywhere she would want me to explore ( I DO have my limits ), but I’ll do so to the best of my capacities while I am in the city of Lights. Two weeks is a long time to be away on my first solo escapade overseas, but I know that I’ll come back changed and ready to write her story – while excited to perhaps morph mine. The beauty of Life is in the beholder’s eyes – and one has the power to change it as the person sees fit: it’s time for her – it’s time for me.

Last night, I was sitting in silence at the cottage , with my handy phone in my hands. I scrolled through thousands of pictures and deleted over four thousands . Yes – you read right – 4 000. I let go of the memories of my parents’s condo and moved on. I saw pictures of my Mom’s empty smile, taken over by an illness which gives no pardon. I sighed as I remembered that she too , like my main character, had aspirations of grandeur and of world-travel, which she, of course, never honoured because of Life’s other map. I saw pictures of my Father and smiled. I asked him for his guidance because I still do that: at that very moment, a seagull appeared and I knew that I would be ok and that this was now MY time to explore, to write, to shine … Life is short and what matters are the moments that we choose to infuse in her daily routines.

So, packed with one carry-on bag and a personal item ( woohoo …. YES – bucket list moment right there), my writing pens and a few journals, I’ll smile Monday morning as I begin my journey. I’ve treated myself and will have the occasion to explore it a little more comfortably than usual – and that’s ok. This trip is a lifetime in the making. It’s about facing fears, healing moments and hearts and enjoying Life to the fullest. The travel ‘outfit’ has been chosen. The Euros have been counted. Supper with my loved ones tonight so that tomorrow, I can indulge in Gravol and Tylenol to conquer the pre-trip jitters takes place in a few hours …

It’s time : Time to explore what I have wanted to do since I have been a little girl. Time to take a few weeks and think of nothing but my book, my characters and myself. Time to see what transcends on my pages before me as I begin the ever familiar entries with the words: Cher journal …. Je te verrai dans l’avant-temps et dans l’entre-temps …

Though I never actually met her, I think Audrey Hepburn was perhaps referring to me when she wrote: Paris is always a good idea. Oui – ma chère Audrey, tu as raison …

Bonjour !

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