The Parisian Chronicles

Yep. In six days, I am traveling to Paris. And yes, I am going ‘seule‘. My first solo trip to Europe. I’ll be gone 14 days and truth be told, although I am somewhat petrified, I am also so very excited and I cannot wait to begin this adventure.

Paris ?? Why so far ? And why there ? ( I’ve had numerous people ask me this question in the past few days … ) Let me try to explain.

For years, I have known that parts of my heart and soul belong in this city. When I first visited in 2007, I knew it … but more importantly, I felt it. I vowed to return again and I did: once with my soul sister and another time with my boys. This time will no doubt be different – but also unforgettable : I’m going to restore myself. You see, the past few years have been exhausting. We have seen ourselves take care of everybody . Teaching has left some exhaustion which cannot be explained and life … ? Well life is very complicated and busy. So this time around, I am bringing a simple carry-on bag ( to be continued … ) a handbag and my writing tools. I will take the time to read, to sleep and hopefully, to draft a few ideas which will be worth exploring when I return to my River House.

A few years ago, I began writing a novel, auto-fiction, now titled : Le temps des pissenlits. The protagonist, Dre Danielle Maynard, a well-known psychologist , travels to Paris to rebuild herself after she finds herself broken. The story leads us to the early 20th century , explores past lives and moments , and journals the evolution of this character. I have no idea where the story is going but what I do know – is that inspiration will find me as I sit and daydream in a little café close to Ste-Sulpice.

So, humour me and follow my Parisian Chronicles. They are on this site because the are an integral part of the person that I am – as well as the one I am slowly becoming: more confident, brave and mostly so grateful for my incredible life.

The next few days will be about preparation and packing – all of which I’ll write about. It’s there for you to read – should you be interested. Life is a gift and I hope that I’ll give you the same desire to explore it as I feel at this very moment.

Until then …. bonsoir ! La vie est belle !

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