It’s Time for your Daily Mind and Body ‘tune-up’

This morning, I will keep it short and sweet. ( it RARELY happens ! ) I simply want to share a few secrets that I have discovered and am exploring. They are simple, miraculous and anybody can do them, at any time, anywhere.

The first one consists of ‘tapping‘. Add it to your daily morning ritual – it’s simple. It’s easy and I feel a million times better in my physical self since I have discovered it. Here is a link on how to ‘tap’. Give it a try. Repeat often. Note the difference.


Next – let’s talk about breathing . Are you ? I noticed this morning that I wasn’t and felt stressed. I turned on this app and voilà! My heart rate dropped to 62 bpm after only 5 minutes. The app is free:

Try both for a week and notice the difference. You’ll ‘flow’ better and people may tell you that you glow. You will …

If you’re on the journey of walking 500 miles with me: welcome. If you want to know more about this whole project: read yesterday’s entry in the Category: That Girl with the Red Hair.

Message me ! Breathe ! Smile ! Tap ! #lifehappens

Have a great day !

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