Walking 500 miles …

the video that shook my mind awake

So this morning, I’m in the shower ( … ) and this song starts playing in my Mind. Loud . Clear. Annoying really … But it got me to thinking: how long WOULD it take to walk those 500 miles ? – and I smiled.

For weeks, I’ve been looking at doing something crazy – but fun. Something that would give me a little sparkle in my eye … and that I can share with the many people who follow and sometimes join me in my latest escapades. So I got out of the shower, and after my hair was dry ( good hair day – by the way ), I googled it. Five hundred miles represents 1 056 0000 steps. (ish). And so there it was, right before me : my latest ‘fun’ goal.

Now those who know me will likely tell me that I’ll quit – I’ve done so many times – except for the last two times I actually took on a similar challenge, where it took me less than 100 days to walk a million steps. This time, the parameters will be different. I am just going to envision my goal = and stop when I finally reach it. I’ll write about it. Complain about it … but I’ll reframe and reshape my Mind-Body-Spirit connections while I’m at it.

So, grab yourself your own step counter and start walking. Nothing extravagant: a few steps here and there, maybe even a planned workout or ten. In the end , we’re just walking towards the goal – it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there : it’s about the JOURNEY.

Send me a message in the link below if you intend on joining me … the walking route is easier when you have friends along the way.

See you here, daily, for reports.

Yep – I would walk 500 miles … watch me …

1 056 000 steps to go … 🙂

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