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The Sassy Aspie

Anne Danielle Gingras – B.A. (Hon.Music), B.Ed., D.Ed. (honoris causa)

Individual – Mother – Special Education Teacher and Advocate

Author and Speaker

Je parle français



Anne Danielle Gingras has been active in the education field for more than 25 years and currently teaches music and religion at École secondaire catholique Algonquin in North Bay.  She completed her Bachelor in Arts (Honours) with a specialisation in Music from the University of Ottawa, and received a Bachelor of Education from Université Laurentienne in 1993. She also holds a specialist qualification in Special Education and numerous supplemental qualifications in the field of autism from various institutions. In June 2019 she was conveyed an Honorary Doctorate of Education from Nipissing University.  In 2016, to honour her inner intuitive capacities, she completed a doctoral diploma in Applied Metaphysics and also became a Holding Space practitioner, facilitator and life coach, accompanying many individuals through their more difficult life paths. She is also an active Reiki Master – and a small business owner. 

Anne was instrumental in the development and the implementation of Snoezelen rooms in our area.  During her career, she taught many subjects such as language arts and also served four years as autism consultant at Conseil scolaire catholique Franco-Nord.  She was also the autism resource teacher and one of the key founders of ‘Carrefour TSA’, the first francophone resource center within a provincial high school setting geared to accompany students on the autism spectrum on their life journey.  She has served on the Board of Directors of Autism Ontario and is the current vice-president of the Board of Directors for Community Living West Nipissing.   An altruist at heart, Anne has composed numerous musical compositions which she has dedicated to important social causes in her community such at the Remember Adam – Stop for the school bus and families afflicted with autism and Huntington disease.  Diagnosed herself with autism at the age of 41 years old, she continues to be a model for professional women on the spectrum and has actively participated in webinars and presentations about the matter.  She regularly speaks to local, provincial and national media, giving both radio and television interviews pertaining to autism awareness.  Although she stresses many elements of importance while discussing matters in education, Anne’s primary focus is and has always been that of the needs and capacities of each individual student.

Anne lives in Sturgeon Falls with her husband and is the mother of two incredible young men.  Last year, she published her first book entitled ‘The Old Man on the Bench’, and is presently completing several other writing projects.  In her spare time, she volunteers with several local organizations, manages several social media sites and blogs about her many interests and travels to Paris.  She is currently planning her next tattoo. 

Conference Topics Available but not limited to :

Sujets de discussion disponibles ( veuillez noter qu’il est possible d’adapter selon vos besoins ) :

Life on the Autism Spectrum

Vivre avec le spectre de l’autisme

  • Ten elements that I wish people understood about living with autism
  • Dix élèments que j’aimerais que comprennent les gens par rapport à ce qu’est  vivre avec un TSA

De l’autre côté de l’échelle pédagogique

  • Comment équilibrer un rôle de parent et d’éducateur dans la vie de notre enfant

Special Interests and Passions in Individuals with ASD

Intérêts et passions chez les individus ayant un TSA

  • Why encouraging special interests of the person living with ASD is important
  • Pourquoi il importe de miser sur les intérêts particuliers de l’individu qui a un TSA

How to Successfully Navigate the School System

Comment naviguer dans le système scolaire de votre enfant

  • Understanding and respecting provincial legislation while advocating for your child’s specific abilities
  • Comprendre et respecter la législation provinciale reliée à l’enfance en difficulté tout en revendiquant pour les besoins de votre enfant

Town Hall Format/Table ronde

Questions and answers format – pertaining to Autism Spectrum Disorders and other particular needs

Session de questions/réponses reliées au sujet de l’autisme ou des besoins particuliers

Not Everybody Does That?

On ne fait pas tous ceci!

What being a mother and a teacher has taught me about autism – an individual herself living with ASD

Ce que m’a appris être une mère et enseignante – comme individue vivant avec un TSA

Various topics – Sujets variés

Tailored according to the specific needs of the organization

Selon les besoins particuliers des organisations

*Travel Fees extra

*Frais de déplacement en sus

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