Let There be Light

There is a lot of negativity in our World these days … More than usual, some will even say … and yet I wonder if that’s true – or if our thirst for constant news feeds and wanting to know everything is part of it. It’s ‘funny’ how things work : the more we focus on negativity, the more it seems to find us. We find ourselves getting very angry, sad and often spin out of control at things that before would have never affected us in this way. Is it because the World has changed, or because we’re changing , and not focussing on what should be our part of particular journeys …I often feel SO helpless and meaningless in a Universe that seems to be filling itself more with hatred, jealousy, envy and shame. Too often I think to myself: we’re doomed. How are we going to get out of this one, this time …. And then my Guides, Heavenly and Earth ones, bring me back to my senses and tell me to spread my wings. Spread my light and my smile. That focussing on one person at a time is the way to be … and that eventually reaches the people we are meant to reach. I can’t help everybody, but I can help someone. Truth be told, sometimes I can only afford the energy to help myself, or those in my close inner circles – but it counts. It’s about kindness. Understanding. Patience and Empathy. People don’t want to be judged – they want to be understood . And so I try to do that – a person at a time. A moment at a time.Today, take a moment. Breathe and look around you. You can’t change THE world, but perhaps you can change something in somebody’s world to make THEIR world better.Love always prevails. Always. Always has. Always will. Here. Then. And Tomorrow. Through Multiverses and Time … Love will ALWAYS prevail.xo

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